MLL Short term child care

MLL offers you temporary and short term help with child care for example when your regular child carer is ill, you have a work meeting or you just want to have some time to yourself.
Child care is offered around the clock and also on weekends.

Service areas:
MLL child care services are operated on those muncipalitys witch offer support to MLL child care services.
You are able to order a child carer if you live in any of these muncipalitys:
Akaa, Hattula, Hausjärvi, Hämeenlinna, Janakkala, Kangasala, Lempäälä, Loppi, Nokia, Pirkkala, Pälkäne, Riihimäki, Sastamala, Tampere, Valkeakoski, Virrat ja Ylöjärvi. 

Expences and policies:
The child carer is payed 9€/hour and on Sundays 18€/hour (regulated by law). One carer can take care maximum of four children. Families order child carers themselves, will be the child carers employer and are responsible of the employers oblications.
Families must allow sufficient time to get acquainted with the child carer beforehand and must provide clear guidance in matters relating to the care of the children.
Child care is generally provided at the family’s home or at another appropriate location.
Child carers cannot drive the children in the family’s car. 
If a babysitter is to drive children in the child carer’s own car, this must be agreed in writing.
If the child carer finishes work late in the evening or at night (after 23 o’clock), the child carer must be taken home safely, either by giving him/her a lift or by paying for a taxi.

Child carers:
All carers are eligible to work with children and are trained by MLL. Carers are insured and their criminal record have been checked. Carers are bound by professional confidentiality concerning all issues about the children and the family.

How to order a MLL child carer?
A booking can be made either by calling MLL child care agency (mon-fri 8:00-12:00) or using the MLL web service. Using the web service is free of charge and requires registration. 
If you are a new user, register by clicking ”Rekisteröidy käyttäjäksi”. 
Registered users can order a child carer directly by clicking ”Tilaa hoitaja”. 
MLL web servise allows you to choose English as your language.
If you want to order the same child carer that you already had before it is possile to contact she/he directly.

If you have any questions about the child care servises we are happy to answer any questions at the 
MLL child care agency phone number: 044 0303301 (mon-fri 8:00-12:00) 

More information about employers oblications:

More information about child care: 

MLL:n  Hämeen piiri koordinaattori/lastenhoitotoiminta
Sanna Kaukonen 
p. 040 517 2993